World Leading IoT Solution for the Global LPG Industry

Eliminate Cylinder Theft
Prevent Rogue Filling
Improve Customer Retention
Ensure Cylinder Safety & Future-Proof Inventory for New Regulatory & Safety Requirements

Our Solution

Our proprietary LPG valve has an integrated mechanical 'lock' and RFID tag that can only be unlocked by using our refilling nozzle (the 'key') that identifies and certifies the cylinder at point of refill through a connected cloud-based application. The valves and nozzles are variants of already certified equipment commonly used in the industry and are manufactured by certified suppliers for cylinder manufacturers and gas companies.

Our People

Tim Horlick
Executive Chairman
Dijon Stols
    Chief Technology Officer
Richard Lechartier
GM France
Hugh Briggs
Danie Weber
Web Picture Rafael Shu.jpg
Rafael Shu
SVP Engineering
Nathan Engelbrecht
Director & COO
Fernando Rufo
GM Spain
Dries Stols
VP Implementation
Elizabeth Dring
VP Operations